Crypto by Design.

Your data remains encrypted at all times even in use.

Our Vision

We are building a new generation of data systems that operate on end-to-end encrypted data. Our encrypted systems maintain your data encrypted even in use.


Your data is protected against data breaches and malicious threats. Your key will never leave your premises.


Run on existing infrastructures without any changes.


Our solutions are based on advanced cryptography but retain the efficiency of systems that operate over data in clear.


Operate on end-to-end encrypted data but retain the functionalities you expect from cleartext systems.

The Team

John Partridge

Co-founder and CEO

Experienced technology founder, CEO, and investor with deep expertise in system and database software. Former CEO at Tokutek and Co-founder at StreamBase.

Seny Kamara

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Expert in cryptography and security. Pioneer in encrypted algorithms and their cryptanalysis. Professor at Brown University. Ex-researcher at Microsoft Research. Co-creator of Pixek.

Tarik Moataz

Co-founder and CTO

Expert in cryptography and security. Contributed to major advances in encrypted algorithms and systems. Built the Clusion encrypted search library. Co-creator of Pixek.

Stan Zdonik

Chief Database Scientist

Expert in database management systems. Co-founder of StreamBase and Vertica. Professor at Brown University. Pioneered the Aurora, Borealis, C-Store, and H-Store systems.

Martin Zhu

Full Stack Engineer

Software engineer. Expert in building applications from the ground up. Interested in cryptography, computer vision and Big Data. Previously at HubSpot. Co-creator of Pixek.

Samuel Zhao

Database Scientist

Expert in database management systems. Interested in cryptography, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data visualization. Ex-software engineer at Hadapt.